Industrial painting

Spray painting or powdercoating: we can handle various kinds of objects in small and large volumes.

Our plant (2009) is equipped with 3 fully automatic chain conveyors (including a 275m 'Power & Free' system). We can handle 500 kg per traverse.
Once the products are on the chain conveyor, we have the possibility to chemical pretreat (iron phosphate and zirconise) and gritblast (all in-line). After finilizing the pretreatment process, the products can be spray painted, powdercoated or a combination of these two.

The diversity of products is large, for example: bicycle parts, wheels, train doors, parts for the automotiv industry, machinery parts and lids for paint cans.

We also offer storage capacity for the products of our clients, including packaging and order picking. The products can be temporarily stored before and after the painting process and delivered 'just-in'time' at the customer's plant.


- Hoisting capacity up to 10 ton
- 2 spray walls
- 4 dust-free spray booths
- 3 drying chambers
- 1 machine for spray painting lids of paint cans
- 2 tampon machines